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Labrador Puppy Breeders and Sales

About Us:

We're a family that's tremendously devoted to our four legged family members.  We put a lot of time, effort, energy & expense into our joy and passion! 
We offer well rounded pups that have been adored since birth.  Health is first and foremost; all parents are genetically screened by vet prior to breeding.   

Ozark Labradors Breeding Practices and Policies



Ozark Labradors is a small breeding program dedicated to producing healthy, sound, intelligent Labradors with correct conformation and classic temperment.  I strive to breed Labradors with conformation based on the American Kennel Club standard for the breed.  Many of the dogs in my lines have show, obedience and/or working titles.  Most of our dogs are great retrievers, but they do not have formal field training. 


For years, the dogs in my program have had OFA hip, OFA elbow, EIC cardiac, and CERF or eye clearances.  Currently, my females are also tested for PRA, EIC and CNM.  Smokey, our only stud dog has hip, elbow, eye, cardiac and EIC clearances. I provide new owners with a copy of the pedigree, copies of all the health clearances of the sire and dam, and an application for limited AKC registration.


My dogs and their puppies receive quality care with regards to safety, diet, exercise, veterinary care, and loving companionship.  My "canine kids" are part of my family and they live in my house with me.  I do not house in an outdoor kennel setting.  They have access to a large fenced-in yard.  My breeding females have two or three litters during their lifetime.   You will be able to meet with the dam, the puppies, and the sire.  My puppies are raised in my home.  For the first month, the puppies are in the mud room.  At four weeks of age, I move my puppies into a large pen where they have room to sleep, play, and grow.  Weather permitting, puppies are in a spacious, shaded outdoor area for several hours a day.  My puppies spend a lot of time interacting with both humans and canines while they are with me.  When the puppies are 3 days old their dew claws are removed, and then they travel again at 7 1/2 weeks old.  They make the second trip to the veterinarian for a check up.   The pupplies receive the first vaccination against canine diseases and prophylactic treatment for parasites.  I provide new owners wtih a copy of the Missouri health certificate, care instructions, training tips, and a small bag of dog food, lupine collar as well as a toy or blanket that smells like their litter mates to make their transition easier to your home.  I also work on a schedule for housebreaking and getting them on a schedule, to sleep all night and be on their way to final housebreaking.


The selection of a puppy will be a joint effort between us and you as the buyer.  I spend a great deal of time with my puppies on a daily basis.  There is usually some difference in personality, activity level, and temperment  among the puppies in the litter.  A puppy placed in a home with young children or first time buyers will receive careful consideration. 


A written health guarantee is incuded in the sales agreement.  The purpose of my sales agreement/contract is to establish an understanding between the breeder and buyer.  The  intent is to protect the interests of the breeder and the buyer, and to provide the  health, safety and well-being of the puppy.  I want my puppies to have a happy, healthy life.  The goal is to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts, and remain on friendly terms with the new owners.  The agreement states my obligations to the new owners as well as the obligations of the  owner to me and the puppy.  I stand behind my puppies, with a new puppy if a problem develops.


AKC limited registration will be issued  with all the puppies sold as companion dogs.  A spay/neuter agreement is also required.  This is an inportant aspect of responsible dog ownership. Unplanned and unwanted litters are prevented.  The risk of several serious medical problems is greatly reduced by this surgery.  I have placed a few show quality puppies with AKC full registration and a c0-ownership agreement. 


I will be available to answer questions, as long a you own a Ozark Labrador.  I have a lot of experience raising puppies and helping others  solve problems with their puppies.  I am happy to help new owners and will continue to assist the owners of an Ozark Lab with any problems and concerns throughout the dog's lifetime.



If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, you can place your deposit through PayPal and choose your first choice of color and sex options and contact me to set up an appointment to meet our dogs.    I like to meet with all family members at least once, if possible.  Visitors are welcome.  Please schedule a time to meet.  My puppies will not be transfered to their new owners until 8 weeks of age. 





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