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Small Companion Dogs



What is a Schnoodle?  The Schnoodle is a hybrid dog breed, popularly known as a designer breed.  They are not a purebred dog, but a careful breeding between the purebred Poodle and the purebred Schnauzer to achieve the wonderful traits of both breeds.  They also can be found in many colors.   People with allergies generally find these dogs are better for their allergies.  

The Schnoodle has the best of both breeds traits, smart Poodle genes and curlier hair.  The Poodle is considered to be the second most intelligent dog next to the Border Collie.  Schnauzers are also very smart and easily trained and high on the intelligent chart.  Toy Poodles are generally considered not good for children because of their very fine bone structure.  However, the sturdy bone structure of the Schnauzer brings a sturdy structure to the Schnoodle breed and we have found them to be an excellent pet for children.
What a pistol!  Smart, active and adorable.    

Our F2 Schnoodles are smaller in size due to being bred by our Toy Poodle that is only 4 pounds.  The Schnoodle has a place as a lap dog, a family dog, a therapy dog or a performance dog.  The vast majority of them are small dogs.  The appeal of this hybrid breed is that they generally have the Poodle willingness to please, mixed with the sturdiness and activity of the Schnauzer.  Playful and lovable, this dog lives to have fun and is always the center of attention.  The Schnoodle is cheerful and intelligent.  Described as "forever happy", this designer dog's favorite joys of life are playing and hanging out with his family.  Bred to be a companion dog, the Schnoodle has proven that he can do well in agility and as a therapy dog.  He makes a terrific jogging companion, and his love of activity can get you off the couch.  He will fill your life and lap with love and laughter.

The schnoodle is loyal like the Schnauzer and fun-loving like the Poodle.  Like his Schnauzer parent, a Schnoodle has a protective nature and makes a good watch dog.  Like his Poodle parent, he's smart and affectionate.  There's less of the Poodle's high energy and less of the Schnauzer's stubbornness.  A Schnoodle loves the people in his life and thrives when he's with them.  A small Schnoodle can do well in an apartment.  Schnoodles are considered to be non-to low shedders and may make good pets for people with allergies.

Our Toy Schnoodles will be smaller on the height and weight charts. 

This is why we are offering a smaller form of companion/therapy dogs for families that do not have room for our larger Labradors. 



Lady, Our Adult Maltipoo
(not for sale)

 Maltipoos make the perfect companion for young families, empty nesters and everyone in between.  Highly devoted to their humans, they love to accompany them on walks (and on the couch, of course).  Plus, they are non-shedders and make great apartment dwellers.  Our Maltipoo puppies are F2, being a wonderful combination of a T0y 4# Poodle.  Very playful, highly intelligent, gentle.  We are expecting our Maltipoo's to be on the small side.  Maltipoo's are lovers, through and through gentle, affectionate, fun loving and happy.  Maltipoo's can be completely satisfied watching life go by from the lap of their human and are just as prepared to play fetch as to snuggle.  Maltipoos are alert and will bark at anything suspicious, but don't expect them to show any aggression.  They can get along with just about anybody.  The maltipoo lifespan is 10-13 years.  We here at Ozark Labrador's place a great value on each puppy's health and happiness.  In the home they are given lots of love and attention as well as interaction in a busy home.  As with all our puppies the Maltipoo puppies will come Vet checked so you can be confident in their health status.  All Maltipoo puppies will be given a 1-year health guarantee, dew claws, first vaccinations, deworming procedures, and a full health check from our veterinarian.  As you prepare your home for one of our Ozark Labrador puppies you will get a starter bag of puppy food and a blanket with a familiar scent on it to help transition to your home.  

Interested in a Puppy?


GREAT!  If you have made it this far you are well on your way to puppy selection.  The following is a list of things you will want to keep in mind when selecting your new life changing friend/partner.


     1.  A $200 Deposit is required to hold your puppy selection.  After you fill out our puppy request form, you can

          choose to pay thru PayPal, using the link at the bottom of the page. 


     2.  Puppies are selected in the order that deposits are received.


     3.  Ozark Labradors will pick a date close to when the puppies are ready to go home and schedule times for





Each puppy is raised around other dogs, cats, children/grandchildren and will be well socialized.  I am an in-home beeder and each puppy will get the love and attention it deserves until they go to their forever homes.  Once a deposit is received you will receive weekly updates via e-mail with pictures of your puppy, or you may call me at (816)773-7121 and I will keep you up to date daily.  Our pups can be flown to you (this comes with a travel crate/additional vet clearances) flight cost additional. 


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