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Procedures and Terms of Sales:

At Ozark Labradors, we are pleased to offer our customers a choice of gender and color when selecting their Lab puppies.  Ozark Labradors strives to offer the entire spectrum of the Lab's beautifully-colored coats.  Some of our most popular pups include:


.  Black Labs

.  Charcoal Labs

.  Chocolate Labs

.  Fox Red Labs

.  Silver Labs

. Yellow Labs

. White Labs


Whether you are interested in Chocolate Labradors or some other color, all 8 week old Labs receive a worming, have their 1st series of shots, and have their dewclaws removed.  When your puppy is ready to go home with you, they will have already been socialized, started on housebreaking, started on basic obedience and name familiar (with your favorite name).





Prices generally range from $800 to $1000 per dog for our Black, Charcoal, Silver and Yellow labs and      $800 to $1500 for our Fox Red labs, and purchased with full or limited breeding rights.   Prices are $800 for all puppies with limited AKC registration.


For the latest pricing, gender and color availability, be sure to check back regularly for updated pricing information as well as pictures of our new puppies.  We accept Paypal for your convenience.  If wishing to pay by credit card, we gladly accept credit card payments, via Paypal.  Please note there will be an additional 4% service charge if choosing to pay, using this method.


Deposit Requirements:


If your interested in purchasing an Ozark Labrador, we welcome your business.  We require a $200 deposit per order for any color labrador that we sell.   We accept Paypal for your convenience.  If wishing to pay by credit card, we gladly accept credit card payments, via Paypal.  Please note there will be an additional 4% service charge if choosing to pay, using this method.  After you fill out our puppy request form, you can
submit you deposit thru PayPal, using the link at the bottom of the page


Deposits are transferable as long as one of the following conditions have been met:

A)  We are notified prior to the whelping date,

B)  If your chosen color or sex is not available,

C)  Over four months have passed without a litter being born





Our puppy's health is very important to us and we follow a program designed by our vet.  We have placed several pups with families, whose vets are amazed of the care, shots, etc. given to assure good health, and well being of your new pup.  The pups will have their dew claws removed, they will be wormed at 5-7 weeks of age.  We supply a completed shot record with dates and vaccines used.


Our puppy program is an expensive program to manage, however, it is our desire to maintain the integrity of our lineage and in order to do this, there are a lot of unforseen costs and vet visits, but we're serious about the pups that represent our name.


What You Can Expect:


All Labs purchased from Ozark Labradors will be vet checked.  Whether your lab is delivered or picked up, new owners can expect to receive their dogs with their A.K.C. papers, the dog's shot records, a copy of the Do's ad Don'ts of Training a Pointing Lab, and a bag of the dog's current food.  At Ozark Labradors, all of our puppies are fed high-quality puppy food.  It is recommended that a high-quality diet be fed to your Labs during his or her complete lifetime.  Please see your vet, as recommended, for more information about the nutritional needs of Labs.


Our Guarantee:


We guarantee that all puppies wil be socialized, wormed, have first set of shots and declaws removed.  All pups are guaranteed up to 26 months of age against a genetic defect in hips/eyes and for performance up to 10 months of age.


Our pups are sold primarily as family companions, hunting companions, and for active working purposes, not as breeding stock.  Although we are open to full breeding rights, our pups are sold as pet quality only and in which case, they are placed with Limited Rights.


A written health guarantee is incuded in the sales agreement.  The purpose of my sales agreement/contract is to establish an understanding between the breeder and buyer.  The  intent is to protect the interests of the breeder and the buyer, and to provide the  health, safety and well-being of the puppy.  I want my puppies to have a happy, healthy life.   The agreement states my obligations to the new owners as well as the obligations of the  owner to me and the puppy.  I stand behind my puppy, with a new puppy if a problem develops.




(Crate provided with flight)


PLEASE CALL 816-773-7121. 




If we are shipping your pup, we'll try to find the best flight available.


When choosing this option, we will handle all the shipping details.  All you, the customer, need to do is let us know where you want the puppy to go.  When the pups reach federal shipping age (8 weeks):


         .  Ozark Labradors will work with te customer to arange a shipping date

         .  Ozark Labradors will  arrange for the puppies to be inspected by a veterinarian

         .  Ozark Labradors will purchase a tandard medium crate for shpping a young puppy

         .  Ozark Labradors will prepare all shipping papers

         .  Ozark Labradors will transport the puppy to the Kansas City International Airport

         .  Ozark Labradors will contact customer as soon as we leave the airport

         .  Customer will contact Ozark Labradors when puppy is picked up



         1.  The process is quick and easy

         2.  Lots of experience here, we do this all the time.



         1.  The crate that we ship in is small and will only fit the puppy for a short period of time.

         2.  We are at the mercy of the weather, the airlines will not ship above 85 degrees F or below 10 degrees F.

               this can make it a challenge to ship in the heat of summer or the dead of winter. We often mitigate this

               by shipping early in the a.m. or late in the evening.






Shipping Itemization



Vet Inspection

$60 (included in Purchase Price)

$55 (included in Purchase Price)

Fuel to the Airport

$60 (varies with Fuel Price)

Standard Crate

Actual Plane Ticket

$300 (varies with Airline Price)

Total:  This is an estimate of cost.  Actual cost to be determined at time of booking

$360 (Final Shipping Cost to be determined near the shipping date)

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